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The Energy Kit can be chosen and adapted according to your needs.

Open Source

SunZilla’s technology is openly available for download. However, the platform is still dependent on proprietary components. Let´s join forces! Help us to open source all included parts.

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Plug and Play

Pick your energy kit, plug together the modules, and SunZilla is ready to be used without the need for any external help.


SunZilla modules fit perfectly on a standardised Euro pallet. They can be stacked and easily transported by one person.


SunZilla makes you independent from the need to purchase fuels and removes any interdependence from existing grid infrastructure. So you don´t have to go searching for the next petrol station.


SunZilla is your deaf buddy. He is completely silent and does not produce any noise!



We truly believe that a sustainable energy grid can be built systematically from the bottom to the top.

Our ambitions go well beyond energy generation, as we envision a range of applications for the SunZilla system (such as water purification, cooling, heating, and telecommunications). We plan to build an open source development community for modules that will make these applications possible.

We want to enlighten people by providing a modular micro-energy solution using an open-source model. We want to decentralize and democratize the energy production and consumption to make people less dependent on the existing unsustainable system.


SunZilla 3.1 is designed for a household up to 7 persons: It is possible to run a fridge, charge mobile phones & laptops and use electric light.
SunZilla is modular, so you can interconnect SunZilla Solar Generators to enlarge power of the system and form a micro-grid.
sunzilla for positive

social & ecological impact

We are deeply convinced that SunZilla has a positive effect

on our environment and its inhabitants.


SunZilla brings back power to the people and makes them independent from experts

Energy poverty

SunZilla energizes areas without, limited or unreliable energy supply


SunZilla provides energy which is the fundamental power to information and knowledge


SunZilla provides you with a holistic environment that helps to improve the understanding of your energy-related behaviours


SunZilla is a carbon-neutral technology that substitutes fossil energy

Environmentally sound

SunZilla does not emit any noise, nor air pollution while running

Education and Consulting

We empower people with knowledge about energy.

We offer costumized workshops about energy technologies and policies with strong focus on renewable Energies. Depending on the audience we apply practical examples or experiments together with the audience to re-enforce the learning experience. We of course also provide special courses about SunZilla and how to build your own. Workshop can be held in English, German, French or Spanish.

Please contact us here if you are interested.

our team

Leonie laurin vivien joscha jochen

We are team of five committed talents with a professional background in engineering.

Leonie finished a master’s degree in industrial engineering at the TU Berlin, with a major in energy and materials management. Vivien, Joscha, and Jochen studied renewable energysystems at the TU Berlin. Laurin acquired a master’s degree in electrical engineering at the TU Berlin.

Mutual trust, deep friendships and interdisciplinary working methods have been put to test throughout many volunteer projects on the education for sustainable development, that altogether have proven a healthy well-being of our team. Together we enjoy a wonderful time, which we believe, is reflected in the quality of our purposeful projects. It is an affair of our heart (It is our vision) to shape a sustainable future through creative and committed actions that form the financial basis of our subsistence.

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Solar power 140 W Dimensions (length * width * height)
Output voltage 110 / 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz sinusoidal AC voltage Weight 8 kg
Storage capacity 1 kWh Set up time 5 min, 1 person
Output power 350 W Dismantling time 5 min, 1 person
Outlet SCHUKO socket outlet, IP44