Power to the People.

SunZilla is a solar-powered generator that provides a clean and easy-to-use alternative for off-grid electricity supply. Its battery storage ensures a reliable and flexible supply even at night or on less sunny days.

Main Features


SunZilla’s technology is openly available. This feature also makes SunZilla easy to sustain and repair. 


Pick your energy kit, plug together the modules and SunZilla is ready to be used withing 5 min - without the need for any external help.


An app gives you insights on your energy production and usage. It also allows you to monitor the SunZilla and to set personal preferences.


SunZilla can be stacked and easily transported by one person. The whole system weights only 25 kg. 


We offer the corresponding training on how to build SunZilla Systems and how to maintain them.

How it works

The basic SunZilla includes two boxes, a Solar Sail and a monitoring software. One box contains the battery storage and the other one the inverter, where you can connect your devices. The Solar Sail can be folded for transportation. To set up the SunZilla system, you need to connect the boxes with only one cable. Via the app you get an overview on incoming / outgoing power, battery status and monitoring possibilities to set own preferences. 

Two Boxes: Battery Storage & Inverter

Solar Sail

Solar Sail folded for transportation

Technical Details

SunZilla is designed for a household up to 7 persons to cover basic power needs. It is possible 

  • to run a fridge

  • charge mobile phones &

  • to use electric lights.

SunZilla is modular, so you can interconnect SunZillas to enlarge the power of the system and form a micro-grid.



Solar Power



Output Power



Battery Storage


We offer customized workshops on energy technologies and policies with strong focus on renewable energies and special focus on how to implement them in a practical way on a local level.
Workshop language can be English, French, German or Spanish.


We want to enable refugees with sustainable energy solutions that improve the living of refugees and at the same time promote education and innovation among refugees. We envision for our solutions to create job opportunities in the camps, foster economic growth for local communities and as well to improve self-reliance. Our ambitions go well beyond energy generation, as we envision a range of applications for the SunZilla System (such as water purification and communication)





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You are planning an event? You want to go green? You are fed up with noisy diesel generators? 


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